Human In The Loop

Building the most powerful
legal AI with human expertise

Human In The Loop

Humans play an unassailable role in creating Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning tools. It is not only about building the algorithms
but training them, which is equally crucial as the former. Yes, the machines gain their intelligence from humans and the data prepared by
them, to be precise. Globally identified as ‘human-in-the-loop services’, it is quite integral in building AI models, and legal AI
tools are no exception.

Cenza has been offering training assistance for legal AI tool companies and their customers, taking complete advantage of collaborative
intelligence. Our AI/ML training experts are adept at assisting the machines to perform the intended tasks, helping them understand
the outcomes, and sustaining their relevance as businesses scale.

The human-machine ally

Augmenting the impact of
AI on business success

It is not uncommon to witness our legal AI/ML training team diligently teaching a tool how to perform the work that is built to do. The numbers here reflect the magnitude of the training work we have executed thus far.

Documents Processed
Attributes Concept Annotated
Snippets Labelled
Human In The Loop AI Tools

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Human In The Loop AI Tools

Our Promise!

Cenza’s human-in-the-loop Legal AI/ML training services focus primarily on enhancing the efficiency of the tool. But with our AI training, you will experience comprehensive merits spanning your entire business operations.

Our Approach

Human-in-the-loop services are commonly prevalent in the AI industry. In the legal space, it is referred to as “Lawyers in the loop”, which implies the level of expertise leveraged in the AI/ML Training Services. Cenza has a strong team of lawyers and quality analysts to assure you the most-reliable legal AI/ML training. The adopted process demonstrates our commitment to delivering best-in-class services.


A process of generating data labels that represent the information
your AI/ML tool will be dealing with. The primary step in the
machine learning development cycle, our human labelers will build
data sets and a list of labels to help the tool make
accurate predictions.


The success of training lies in the quality of data. With the
data sets built, our experts will guide the tool to develop
an understanding of the context, and the relationship, and
make the decisions for a specified requirement.


The next phase in the HITL AI/ML training aims to assess and
accentuate the tool’s performance. We achieve success by
choosing the apt parameters and avoiding the case of overfitting.
This is to ensure that your legal AI tool delivers the most accurate
results and offers highly reliable insights for the most
effective business decisions.


Now, our experts will run a real-time test of the AI tool to
validate its machine learning model and its output. Owing to
our continuous feedback loop, the tool gets to rectify unclear
judgments and incorrect decisions. This is how our
human-in-the-loop training services help build the
best AI/ML tools.

Why Choose Us?

Unearth the possibilities with human-AI collaboration Attorneys-in-the-loop as a service is gaining more prominence in the legal AI space. Cenza has been successfully providing this exclusive service ever since AI forayed into the legal industry, setting the standard for legal Al/ML training. Today, we are the cornerstone for efficiency, quality, and reliability in building legal AI training data with humans in the loop. With Cenza, explore the true merits of humans and machines working together in transforming your legal operations and workforce efficiency.

Human In The Loop AI Tools
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Cenza is one of Leverton’s preferred partners for lease abstraction services. Over the last couple of years of our relationship, Cenza has shown tremendous ability to deliver a large volume of real estate and capital asset leases on time while meeting the quality standards. Their abstraction and validation of the AI extracted data is continuously improving Leverton’s deep learning platform and helping customers make the most of it

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Vyom Gupta

COO, Leverton, New York, United States