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Migrate Your Contracts Seamlessly
Into Your CLM System

Receive custom workflow design, sort, review, and organize contracts so you
have access to contracts with reliable metadata.

No more revenue leakage. No missed milestones. Only top-notch
contract management.

“We can’t thank Cenza enough” – That’s what Says.

Embracing Digital Contracting offers more benefits than one can fathom. It has the power to accelerate performance,
improve the bottom line, and accomplish business-critical goals. In short, your contracts have the solutions for the most challenging problems
that your business is experiencing.

When CLM systems debuted in the legal industry, it was considered a synonym for contract repository or an alternative term for eSignature.
But today’s CLM is all about delivering strategic value by providing visibility to every enterprise contract and adding the ability to gauge
supply chain risks, unearth new business opportunities, and measure all contracts’ performance in real-time.

Cenza’s CLM Journey

The Only End-To-End Contract Migration Solution You Need.

Start with a consultation. Get implementation plans, project scope, and a budget. Grant access to your contracts and see them being migrated. Simple project management. Uncompromised data security.

We built this for speed and affordability.

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Contract Lifecycle Management Service & Consulting

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Make CLM Benefits Stick

50+ companies from 5 countries have saved 35% in revenue with Cenza. We deliver high-impact value. Here’s what that looks like:
From contractual consulting to management and compliance, leverage expertise and data to optimize your CLM process.

CLM Consulting

Get a walk-through of the full CLM implementation process
Start with a consultation. Leverage the right expertise.
Gain maximum value.

  • ➔ Evaluate contract workflow efficiency
  • ➔ Identify gaps between strategy and execution
  • ➔ Build a scalable contracting system that works for you

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Contract Migration

Move contracts in silos to your CLM, flawlessly
Migrate contracts from digital archives and physical storage units into
the CLM system. Get end-to-end support with multiple quality checks.
Bolster the effectiveness of your CLM system.

  • ➔ Determine where a contract may be residing
  • ➔ Assimilate and convert into machine-readable form via OCR
  • ➔ Run deduplication to remove redundant files

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Contract Management

Say goodbye to traditional contract management
Keep your operations in pace with digital
contracting solutions. Unlock high speed and better

  • ➔ Free up lawyer’s time for core tasks
  • ➔ Get amplified results from time and efforts invested
  • ➔ Deploy the best-in-class technology

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Contracts Insight

Data is to a CLM system what mitochondria is to a cell
Make sense of your complex legal documents with
clear insights and data.

  • ➔ Invest in contract metadata extraction
  • ➔ Bulk upload & import of files and metadata from other CLMs
  • ➔ Get reliable insights for making sound business decisions

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Managed CLM

Your go-to CLM partner
Get the job done. With better outcomes.

  • ➔ Uninterrupted day-to-day operations
  • ➔ Focused teams on strategic tasks while the system goes live
  • ➔ Ongoing support to keep CLM up-to-date

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Contract Compliance

Never miss complying with contract mandates
Don’t risk your reputation. Mitigate financial, legal,
supply chain, and regulatory risks with a
trusted CLM partner.

  • ➔ Better customer and partner management
  • ➔ Stay compliant with region-specific legal and regulatory mandates
  • ➔ Get your due diligence review, risk identification, and summarization
    done according to defined norms and SLAs

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Contract Lifecycle Management Service & Consulting

Improve Your Business

Your go-to CLM partner.

Why Choose us

We help you overcome hurdles at every stage of your Contract Lifecycle Management with our seasoned experts. Our all-inclusive experience fuels the stride to triumph the best outcomes possible. We are focused on steering together to the defined goals with 360-degree ownership. This hard-line stance has been winning us more clients who entrust Cenza with establishing an unerring CLM System.

When you are partnering with Cenza, you avail of a broad range of expertise in Contract Lifecycle Management. It is a discerning factor that distinguishes Cenza as a reliable CLM partner across the globe. With every partnership comes new experience and learning, which we leverage to redefine our methodology and enhance our team’s competency. To top it all, our battle-hardened Quality assessments and a fortified security system, which are certified for ISO 9001 & ISO 27001, says a great deal about the reasons to choose Cenza in your CLM journey.

Cenza Legal Consultant
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Thank you for the continued great work with our mutual customers. The work your team does is critical to the overall success and business value our customers get from the platform and we can’t thank you enough!

Client Face
Chief Customer Officer Ironclad, United States

Contract migration is never easy; there are so many variables to take into account, an endless list of contracts, requirements, data to sort and clean and so many decisions to make! The entire process could be overwhelming and easily turn into a nightmare. HOWEVER, working with Cenza was definitely the best thing to do! They are very thoughtful, straight to the point, and provide a lot of guidance during the entire process. They are beyond professional, their expertise is incredible and the thing I liked the most was the constant feedback and communication. I would definitely recommend Cenza for this type of project.

Client Face
Legal Specialist Logitech, Switzerland

Cenza was an essential partner for us as we migrated to Ironclad. Because of their strong expertise in the process and the tool and their constant communication to keep us informed of progress, the contracts migration process got executed with speed and utmost quality. Thank you, Team Cenza!

Client Face
Senior Legal Operations Manager Everlaw, United States