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Cenza has been serving as a strategic partner to several global clients, managing their
challenging industry-specific processes that influence their bottom line. With an
end-to-end approach to service delivery, we guarantee business value to our clients
from a myriad of industries.

Aided by technology-led solutions and our client-centric strategy, we have built a solid
clientele across the globe. Today, we work with leading global organizations as an
extended arm to narrow the skill gap, enhance performance, and increase opportunities
and revenue.

Cenza Legal Consultant

Industries We Serve

Cenza combines industry-specific knowledge with broad legal experience to offer focused, client-centered services to
business organizations cutting across the industry verticals.


We assist legal tech companies in developing the best and most-effective solutions by harnessing human expertise.


We are the partners for banking and financial institutions to drive momentum in their digital transformation journey.

Corporate Solution

We are renowned for offering the most-reliable Corporate Solutions that harness the best of technology, expertise, and diligence.

Law Firm

We provide reliable support to law firms to unlock their growth potential and enable them to embrace change seamlessly.

Real Estate

Our expertise and assistance are a great aid in strengthening the Commercial Lease Management infrastructure.

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We worked with Cenza for over a year on a very complex, time-sensitive, and litigious project. The team at Cenza was very keen to fully understand our requirements and took the time to confirm instructions properly. They were collaborative as they worked with us to decipher the data; they were responsive and made themselves available to us, which gave us comfort that the output would be received when required. Their solution-based approach was invaluable and ensured that the output met the requirements of all parties involved.

Client Face

Julia Nettleton

Director, Grant Thornton LLP, London, United Kingdom

We began working with the Cenza since 2012 and to put it bluntly, they have been superb. They were, and still are, able to handle significant workloads with little notice, and we have recently used them for administrative services as well. They have allowed us to build the library at a lower cost than doing it ourselves, and they allow us to offer a 24 hour turnaround for our clients.

Client Face

Tony Spagnuolo

President, Spagnuolo and Company, Vancouver , Canada

I most highly recommend Cenza for document unitisation and coding services. I have worked with Cenza and their team on numerous projects over the last 15 years both in United Kingdom and South Africa. The quality of their work is always exceptional. Their vast experience within the industry shines through. A big part of the success of every engagement worked on together stems from their relentless work ethic which always results in impressive productivity and their timelines are exceptional. They always deliver on time or complete a job ahead of schedule. They continue to exceed all of my expectations

Client Face

Waseema Harrison

Head of Litigation Support Services, LexTrado EDS, South Africa

Cenza is one of Leverton’s preferred partners for lease abstraction services. Over the last couple of years of our relationship, Cenza has shown tremendous ability to deliver a large volume of real estate and capital asset leases on time while meeting the quality standards. Their abstraction and validation of the AI extracted data is continuously improving Leverton’s deep learning platform and helping customers make the most of it

Client Face

Vyom Gupta

COO, Leverton, New York, United States

It is my pleasure to write a reference for Cenza. Back in 2008, we transitioned to a blended on­site/off-site model for document production, and Cenza has been an integral part of our legal document processing services since that time. Their dedicated team provides us with expert word processing services and produces high quality documents for our attorneys and other professionals. Cenza provides 24/5 support, and during demanding times, they are able to provide us with additional support on short notice. The team assists us with Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and are highly trained on our styles and preferences throughout the Firm. They are willing and able to learn anything required to be successful as processes and procedures change. The relationship has been a true partnership and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Cenza going forward.

Client Face

Joanne Fazzari

Manager Secretarial/Document Services, Top 10 Am Law Firm in the US

LAC Group is significantly benefited by outsourcing accounts payable & receivables process and some general ledger functions to Cenza's finance & accounting team. They are highly skilled, efficient, responsive and have provided the extra lift that was needed in our back-office function while saving the company money at the same time. The implementation and transition phase was handled very professionally by Cenza management and team. Cenza is continuously improving our accounting functions by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of invoicing as well as posting of cash receipts. LAC Group would recommend Cenza's outsourcing service gladly.

Client Face

Steve Field

Certified Public Accountant, United States

Cenza is a definite go-to partner for the end-to-end legacy contract management process. The entire journey with the team, starting with an initial consultation to the migration of all our legacy contracts, has been seamless. They exhibited strong expertise at every stage of the process, be it contracts aggregation, conversion to a compatible format, or adding them to our CLM system. Our contracts migration task was successfully executed with utmost quality. Thank you, Team Cenza!

Client Face

Cory Crayn

Senior Global Director, TodayTix Group, United States
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