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Law Firm Support

Successful law firms have one thing in common – they are very careful when it comes to choosing their partners. That’s why we at Cenza are very proud of our proven track record as an outsourcing partner for leading law firms throughout the English-speaking world. For more than 18 years this has been a core part of our business – providing a full range of vital services to help our law firm partners streamline their operations, achieve greater efficiencies and enhance their level of service to their clients. What makes us successful at law firm partnering? We know reliability is paramount in the legal business, so we are committed to always handling our assignments on time and on budget. We are fully accountable, incorporating strict process controls into all our services. We are nimble and flexible, ready to scale up our services quickly in response to sudden and unexpected developments. Reliable, accurate, nimble and swift—these are the qualities we bring to our partners.

  • Litigation support
  • Subjective and objective coding
  • Legal word processing
  • Middle and back office support
  • M&A transaction support

Litigation support

“Good order and discipline in an army are far more important than ferocity.” That is the essence of Machiavelli’s advice on The Art of War and it is equally applicable when it comes to modern day litigation. Cenza is the perfect outsourcing partner to help bring good order and discipline so your litigators can master the massive volume of documents and data that have become an essential part of litigation today. Consultation and upfront planning are always key since no two litigations are alike. As process engineers we work closely with your litigation team to understand and define each litigation’s unique challenges and requirements, to identify the optimal workflow and the right tools for the assignment. And at every step along the way, from initial case investigation to final appeal, we offer a full range of litigation support services to insure that your litigators have every advantage, and stay on top of the information flow, as they head into battle.

  • Cloud hosted coding & indexing
  • Document processing
  • File conversion
  • Redaction and de-duping
  • OCR
  • Clean-up
  • Document review
  • Case and information management

Subjective and Objective Coding

At Cenza we have mastered both the art and science of document coding. No matter how massive the document set and how tight the deadline pressure, we manage each project with a combination of workflow expertise, proprietary technology and many years of experience that enables us to remove the guesswork and inaccuracy from the process of coding. Hosting onshore, coding offshore, we provide a fully secure and cost-effective, end-to-end solution that can be precisely tailored to each case’s requirements and budget. Whether it’s objective coding, bibliographic coding or subjective coding, our system and process engineering together with our legal and business sector expertise ensures that our teams code with accuracy that your litigators can rely upon. All coding is done in batches that are subject to mandatory quality checks at every step along the way. All the effort and expertise we bring to bear on document coding has one objective in mind – we want to ensure that your litigators have easy and timely access to the right documents and information whenever and wherever it may be needed.

  • Objective, subjective and bibliographic coding
  • Logical document unitization
  • Fully secure cloud hosting
  • Up to 100 coding fields
  • Fully customizable data entry validation

Legal Word Processing

Operating efficiency, cost savings and flexibility – these are the keys to success in today’s hyper-competitive legal market.  With our offshore legal word processing, presentation and desktop publishing services, Cenza enables our law firm clients to leverage the benefits of the global supply chain in order to speed up workflow and enhance their own level of client service.  Our word processing services directly address the specialized needs of the legal profession, from proofreading to indexing and building tables of authorities and contents for pleadings and briefs. When it comes to handling sensitive client materials, we also know that cost reduction and operating efficiency mean nothing unless we maintain and exceed our clients’ required levels of quality and security.   That’s why when it comes to word processing services we are ISO certified for both quality management and information security.  And that’s why leading law firms turn to us as an outsourcing partner because we have both the know-how and experience to deliver dramatic improvements to their bottom line without any sacrifice to accuracy, client service or security.

  • Faster document turn around
  • Editing and formatting
  • Indexing and building tables of contents for briefs
  • Thorough quality checking
  • ISO certification for quality management and security
PDF Word Excel PPT
OCR Format + apply styles Format Create templates
Compare text Edit Create charts Format
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Fillable form creation Type from handwritten Printable format Create charts
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