Data Annotation

Supercharge the quality of your AI/ML
predictions with Data Annotation

Steady stream of precise and high-quality data fed into smart models to learn,
advance, and create business value.

Data Annotation for your AI Model

Data annotation and data labeling
Team of annotators create structured, high-quality data streams
Covers industries from legal to compliance, real estate, logistics, insurance, and healthcare

Data – The gateway

Leve up your AI efficiency
with the right data

Cenza is proud to have assisted legal AI/ML companies in their strive to
build the best yielding tools with our impeccable training data.

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Data Annotation Services

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Data Annotation Services

Our Promise!

Your AI/ML tool tends to deal with varied types of data, and annotation is fundamental to help them interpret and make the right decisions. Thus, we invest a great deal of attention and expertise to bring order to their predictions and performance.

Our Approach

Offering customized Data Annotation services to an extensive network of clients have endowed us with in-depth experience. Our team of annotators are adept in developing the perfect training data sets to be fed into machine learning algorithms to enable scalability and performance agility.

Bounding Box Annotation

We enable an AI tool to detect objects through bounding boxes,
a fundamental of image annotation that comprises object
classification and localization. At Cenza, we use best of
tools and proven expertise to deliver fine-quality bounding box
annotation. Variance in box size, ensuring maximum tightness,
and minimizing box overlaps are our key priorities to
ensure complete precision.

Image Annotation

We provide a wide range of image annotation services as a part AI/ML training,
thanks to our access to cutting-edge technologies, project-specific roadmaps,
and best-in-class industry practices. We can construct data sets that reflect
the context in which an AI/ML model will be employed to ensure successful

Text Annotation

Cenza’s data experts handle all types of project complexities, from the typical
to the unexpected. We integrate techniques such as phrase recognition,
text categorization, semantic text annotation, and entity linking to
combine proportionate text tagging as well as labelling process.

Named Entity Recognition

A digital document contains several key parameters, and
for an AI/ML tool to classify them, it needs a special
technique – Named Entity Recognition (NER). For Legal AI
tools that will be dealing with documents comprising multiple
data points, our NER services will enable identification
of the named entities and classifying them under pre-defined
categories to help the machine understand the contextual meaning.

Why Choose Us?

Empower your legal AI with the best quality data We are fully aware that the level of information used during data annotation has a direct impact on the overall accuracy and quality of an AI algorithm’s predictions. Thus, our data specialists and experienced annotators customize our operational approach to specific use cases to deliver the best results. We handle enormous volumes of raw data with the right tools and data experts, eliminating biases and errors and creating a consistent flow of structured and useful training data. Before initiating the actual data labelling process, our data annotators determine the problem statement, relevant domain vocabulary, semantic concerns, and use cases to create benchmarks in AI Data Annotation.

Data Annotation Services
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Cenza is one of Leverton’s preferred partners for lease abstraction services. Over the last couple of years of our relationship, Cenza has shown tremendous ability to deliver a large volume of real estate and capital asset leases on time while meeting the quality standards. Their abstraction and validation of the AI extracted data is continuously improving Leverton’s deep learning platform and helping customers make the most of it

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Vyom Gupta

COO, Leverton, New York, United States

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Outsourcing word processing represents low-hanging fruit for law firms that want to achieve operational cost savings. It is a low-risk strategy,
implemented in a relatively short time frame. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize on this cost-saving opportunity.