Introduction :

Outsourcing word processing represents low hanging fruit for law firms that want to achieve operational cost savings. It is a low-risk strategy, which can be implemented in a relatively short time frame, without any loss in the quality of service and usually without any disruption to existing operations. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize on this huge cost-saving opportunity today.

The Client :

An AmLaw 50 law firm with more than 750 lawyers and 13 office locations around the country. The firm had already taken substantial steps to centralize its back office functions by establishing an onshore operations center but it was looking to expand its word processing capabilities and achieve greater savings by moving a portion of its word processing operation offshore.

  • A simple strategy for cost-reduction for mid-size and large law firms.

The Challenge :

In truth, when it comes to outsourcing word processing, it’s not really a challenge for us any more. For more than 15 years we have been leaders in the outsourcing field, which has enabled us to streamline the process and take the guesswork out of bringing a new client onboard. For law firms that already have a centralized word processing operation in place, we have made a science out of establishing a seamless workflow between your word processing team, dispersed across your domestic and international offices, and our operations center.

  • Outsourcing made simple with Cenza’s operational expertise.

The Solution :

From initial inquiry, to onsite project assessment, to launching of a pilot project, the timeline for onboarding a new client is usually compressed into just [30-60 days]. At each step, our focus on quality control management ensures that clients don’t experience any deterioration in the service level along the way.

  • Project kickoff starts with an onsite and/or virtual by our project manager. Our project managers bring a wealth of operational experience (with 20 plus years in word processing and operations management) in conducting a top down assessment of the client’s operating environment and project requirements.
  • Before work begins we establish a secure communications link between the client and our operations center to ensure client documents and data at all times will be handled in accordance with our rigorous data security framework, certified for compliance under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.
  • Through our standard intake process, we collect information and materials needed to prepare document templates to the client’s specification across all document types. We organize a dedicated team of word processors and proofreaders based on project requirements.
  • Onsite project assessment and management.
  • Highly secure communications protocol.
  • Matching each Client’s document Types and specs.
  • A pilot to prove Quality control.

The Impact :

Cenza is ready to go live with our offshore operation in less than 60 days after being engaged. Over the course of the ensuing months the client gradually increased its reliance on the Cenza word processing team. By the end of the first year of operations it was able to achieve its targeted savings, through onshore headcount adjustment, which resulted in direct cost reduction at an annualized rate in excess of $1,000,000.

  • Substantial savings In the first year.

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