Client Introduction: Axiom Space Inc., a US-based aerospace manufacturer and space habitat company, specializes in a range of space-related services, including human spaceflight, space tourism, space research, and manufacturing.  Axiom Space has a strong partnership with NASA, working to expand human presence in space and make space accessible to all. Axiom Space has chosen Ironclad as their Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and worked with Cenza for implementation and legacy contract migration.

Challenge: The volume of their legacy contracts, while manageable, and the uniqueness of the contracts and metadata required, made the migration process complex. In addition, the project had a limited timeframe of just six weeks to complete the entire process, including metadata extraction, and get the Ironclad CLM fully functioning.

Solution: Cenza involved a team of experienced CLM implementation experts. In the key phase of legacy contract migration, we used additional trained resources to ensure that the expected outcome was delivered with zero compromises on the quality. Owing to our efforts and the timely support of Axion Space’s corporate law department, we completed the process within the given timeline. After we delivered the output, Axiom Space conducted an extensive quality check on a sample set and validated that the quality was on par with their benchmark.

Overall Impact: Today, Axiom Space has a CLM system that acts as a key factor in accelerating its business goals, and we are proud to have played a part in the endeavor. As an affirmation of the effectiveness of our end-to-end services, Axiom Space has shared appreciation with the Ironclad team for recommending Cenza for legacy contract migration.

Client says:

I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude for the work you all did and in such a timely manner. This was an incredible effort. And thanks also to Axiom Space team for shepherding the process through. The team continued response to the Cenza team’s fantastic communications helped make this project close with lightning speed!

Cenza team, we are so grateful for the thorough and thoughtful work you did and are happy to act as a reference if ever needed in the future.

 Megan Sieffert

C&O Attorney, Axiom Space, Inc.


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