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Legal Word Processing

It is an undeniable reality that administrative tasks impact the efficiency of law firms. A large share of the productive time is dedicated to creating varied types of documents. While lawyers enjoyed the benefit of support staff to manage these non-core work, the increase in expenditure has had them seek a solution that is time and cost-effective.

Cenza has blazed a trail in Law Firm Support services, by alleviating the challenges involved in Legal Word Processing. While the need is not so complex, the dexterity that it requires has led law firms to let Cenza take complete care of these administrative services. Today, we assist a large number of legal houses and law professionals in various Legal Word Processing (LWP) needs, enabling them to efficiently manage their workload.

Making time for the Imperative

We have delivered substantial values with our Legal Word Processing services.

Being a preferred partner is a demonstration of Cenza’s credibility as a Legal Managed Services Provider.

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LWP Service

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Our Promise!

Improving Legal teams’ efficiency and productivity with unmatched services is our ultimate goal. So, we get it all out for a mutual win.

Our Approach

Law professionals need a robust approach to be in pace with the hyper-competitive legal industry. Cenza has built the Legal Word Processing services with the accumulated learnings over the years. Today, we are an exemplar of excellence in Law Firm Support.

Editing and

Making the first best impression with your documents means
they should be free of typos and inconsistent layouts.
Our Word Processing experts do a thorough review of the content
and structure and make the necessary changes to give it the
best shape. A well-formatted document with nil errors will
definitely make a mark on your client.

Indexing and building
tables of contents

This is quite essential for briefs, as it helps the end-users to
navigate through the document easily. On the contrary, it is a hassle
to go through the entire brief to find the required information,
which is time-consuming and burdensome. So, we make your documents
complete with these essentials in place.

Thorough quality

Once the Legal Word Processing expert finishes editing, formatting,
and indexing, the documents undergo a Quality Check. Our experienced
Quality Auditors assess the document against a comprehensive
checklist to make sure that every process has been adhered to, and
the document meets our Quality standards before being dispatched.


We are an ISO-certified organization for quality management
and security, which implies that we have established stringent
processes. This is a strong assurance that your data is
highly secured and the output you receive is of the
utmost quality.

Format + apply styles
Create templates
Compare text
Create charts
Format + apply styles
Blackline (track changes)
Fillable form creation
Type from hand written
Printable format
Create charts
Links and bookmarks

Why Choose Us?

Committed to delivering extraordinary outcomes!

Never settle for less when you can avail the best. Because you cannot afford to compromise on either quality, timeline, or your information security. Cenza truly comprehends the need to balance all these aspects in making an impact with your service. We can assure you that Cenza will spare no effort in empowering your law firm to deliver superior service, consistently. Come partner with us to ease your efforts and widen the possibilities.

LWP Service
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We worked with Cenza for over a year on a very complex, time sensitive and litigious project, which involved the management of three different parties. The team at Cenza was very keen to fully understand our requirements and took the time to confirm instructions properly and were collaborative as they worked with us to decipher the data; they were responsive, and made themselves available to us, which gave us comfort that the output would be received when required, and in a format that we had agreed. During the project, instructions varied and goal posts changed, but Cenza’s solution-based approach was invaluable and ensured that the output met the requirements of all parties involved.

Client Face

Julie Nettleton

Director, Grant Thornton UK LLP, London, United Kingdom

Case Studies

Outsourcing word processing represents low-hanging fruit for law firms that want to achieve operational cost savings. It is a low-risk strategy,
implemented in a relatively short time frame. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize on this cost-saving opportunity.