Managed Document Review

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Managed Document Review

It is quite common for law firms to encounter a need for document services in their day-to-day operations. The need might arise from litigations, internal investigations, mergers & acquisitions, or regulatory requirements. Regardless of the reason, attorneys are at the frontline combating the massive amount of data and a tough timeframe. The ability to find the information that matters from unstructured data needs technology and trained experts. However, working under tight deadlines can cause stress in the in-house team, as these are not their core activities.

Cenza offers Managed Document Review service that harnesses the agility of technology and the competency of our team. We have been enabling law firms to enjoy the merits of collaborating with skilled document review experts. Our experience in Review Platform and Workflow Management has been a great aid for global law firms to focus on building their business and enhancing their operation.

Equipping for the unforeseeable

A host of services and the availability of the right resources have elevated Cenza as the partner for Legal Document Review.

Today, we are an ally for several legal firms, owing to our incredible contributions.

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Managed Document Service

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Managed Document Service

Our Promise!

A multi-faceted focus spanning the expanse of the Legal Document Sphere is what distinguishes Cenza in the Alternative Legal Services landscape. We emphasize surpassing customers’ expectations to deliver positive experiences and build long-term relationships.

Our Approach

eDiscovery makes the major share of attorneys’ work, and Document Review is the most vital aspect of the process. With an aim to support in-house review teams in complying with the challenging timeframes, Cenza has designed the Managed Document Review service. With Cenza, support is assured all along the way.

A Comprehensive

The list of services says it all. We can help you with Complex Issue
Coding, Early Case Assessment, Search Term Analysis, Audio,
Instant Message, and Chat Review, Redactions, Privilege Review,
and Log Creation, Post-Review Fact Analysis, and Audit Trails &
Defensibility Analysis. We are indeed your destination for
Managed Document Review.

Trained Experts

Our review team comprises Attorneys, Legal Assistants, Litigation
Support Staff, Document Reviewers, Project Managers, Relativity
Certified Team Leaders, Translators, Coders, and Quality
Control Professionals. In short, you will be working with a
team of vivid expertise.

Technology Enabled

The use of the right tools is inevitable to deliver high-quality
results and adhere to the defined SLAs. Furthermore, it enables
us to offer reliable, valuable insights to build a constructive
review strategy. With the aid of technology, you achieve
time and cost efficiencies

Onshore Partners

To enhance the efficacy and accuracy of what we deliver, we have
partnered with Data Analysis Services (DAS). This alliance is all
about ensuring the best Document Review services pertaining to Breach
of contracts, Fraud, Class Action Lawsuits, Claims, Misappropriation
of Trade Secrets, Financial Litigation, Patent Infringement, DOJ
investigation, Defamation, Intellectual Property, etc.

Industry Versatile

We cater to every industry that can benefit from Managed Document
Review. In our experience spanning decades, we have supported
large-scale document reviews for all types of litigations
and regulatory investigations for Mining, Financial Review,
Software, Electronics, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceuticals,
Telecommunications, Transportations, Media & Communication,
Aerospace, Manufacturing, Retail, etc.

Why Choose Us?

For unfaltering Document Review services Speed and precision are the two major aspects that concern our customers in the matter of Managed Document Review. Thus, Cenza goes the extra mile to substantiate our focus on meeting the primary goals with our top-grade team, authentic strategy, and technology-assisted review. Trusting Cenza with the review process, you can invest your undivided attention in business operations and strengthen your team’s capability to respond to vital litigation tasks.

Managed Document Service
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We worked with Cenza for over a year on a very complex, time sensitive and litigious project, which involved the management of three different parties. The team at Cenza was very keen to fully understand our requirements and took the time to confirm instructions properly and were collaborative as they worked with us to decipher the data; they were responsive, and made themselves available to us, which gave us comfort that the output would be received when required, and in a format that we had agreed. During the project, instructions varied and goal posts changed, but Cenza’s solution-based approach was invaluable and ensured that the output met the requirements of all parties involved.

Client Face

Julie Nettleton

Director, Grant Thornton UK LLP, London, United Kingdom

Case Studies

Outsourcing word processing represents low-hanging fruit for law firms that want to achieve operational cost savings. It is a low-risk strategy,
implemented in a relatively short time frame. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize on this cost-saving opportunity.