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Contract Management

A faster and smarter Contract Management is the need of the hour for every business that aims to achieve remarkable growth. So, is your Contracting process proficient enough to meet the unprecedented business demands? In today’s fast-paced business world, it is all about time. In the context of Contracting, it is about the ability to manage the end-to-end process at an increased speed. It is feasible only with the aid of technology.

Cenza has the advantage of AI-enabled Contract Management services, specifically for the post-execution phase. It enables us to support you in obtaining valuable data from contracts, including legacy, executed, and go-forward, with maximum accuracy in remarkably less time. Today, Cenza stands proud to have assisted an array of organizations in accelerating the access to vital contract information for critical business decisions.

Cenza and Contract Management

A game-changer in Digital Contracting and Legal Transformation

Cenza has never ceased to improve the trackability of contract functioning despite the enormity of enterprise contracts and inconsistency in storage types. Here is a snippet of the impact we have made.

Client Contract
savings through
Machine Learning
Vs manual review
cost reduction in
transitioning to a
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Contract Management

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Contract Management Service

Our Promise!

By implementing the best practices in Contract Management, we help you optimally centralize your contract archives and streamline the search for improved efficiency. With Cenza, your business is primed to transform success.

Our Approach

As businesses undergo a paradigm shift, the adoption of a Contract Management solution becomes inevitable. The complexity-laden contracting
demands a robust solution to track actionable information in every ongoing contract and evidence-based insights from legacy and executed
contracts. Cenza has the right solution, powered by AI, to fortify your Contract Management.

Contract Abstraction

Obligation management and risk assessment are the vital factors
of Contract Management. By identifying key legal clauses,
payment terms, dates, and other key details, we enable your
CLM system to provide you with the right insights, save time,
and ensure compliance. The best part of our AI-enabled Contract
Abstraction is that it provides an easy-to-understand summary for
non-legal stakeholders, aiding them in swift analysis and management.

Clause Extraction

Traditional Contract Management Systems are making way for
Digital Contracting solutions for better legacy contract
management. The key factor for the switchover is the ability to
unify all enterprise contracts and access them at ease. But, your
system needs the right metadata to duly perform its duties. Thus,
Cenza offers AI-driven Clause Extraction Services to support you in
reliable Legacy Contract Migration.

Negotiation & Management Support

When you are entering into a service agreement, you are indeed
bound by several terms. Negotiating comprises the core of Contract
Management, where you get to obtain favorable terms for long-term
success. An ineffective negotiation on the other hand can lead
to detrimental terms and demands for a prolonged time. Availing
of Cenza’s Negotiation & Management Support, you will have
a systemic process, a library of contract terms, templates, and
checklists for a standardized contract drafting, review,
and negotiation.

Due Diligence Review

Many hands make light work is the perfect adage to our
Due Diligence Review services. Your legal team is swamped with
never-ending contract works, and thus, dedicating undivided
attention to due diligence and contract review is a tall ask.
Teaming up with Cenza, your in-house counsel gets to review the
key details to analyze the credibility of a deal and make an informed
decision. From the review, risk identification, and summarization to
post-transaction contract migration, we are your all-inclusive
Contract Management partner.

Why Choose Us?

Highly consistent Contract Management in pace with your business performance We break the barriers of effective contract management – centralization, accuracy, and information security. This means, you no longer need to trade off efficiency with compliance because Cenza has got covered all of it. Powered by AI tools, our team is well-found to be your definite ally in Contract Management. Setting high-quality standards and security benchmarks have built the trust in Cenza for worthwhile business relationships.

Contract Management
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Cenza is a definite go-to partner for the end-to-end legacy contract management process. The entire journey with the team, starting with an initial consultation to the migration of all our legacy contracts, has been seamless. They exhibited strong expertise at every stage of the process, be it contracts aggregation, conversion to a compatible format, or adding them to our CLM system. Our contracts migration task was successfully executed with utmost quality. Thank you, Team Cenza!

Client Face

Cory Crayn

Senior Global Director, TodayTix Group, United States

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