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The application of AI/ML tools in legal today is quite extensive. The technology is gradually making its way into every facet of Legal Operations. Because it is efficient, reliable, and scalable. Yes, all the benefits listed and beyond are true with legal AI tools. However, the core of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is indeed the learning process. The better they are trained, the more effective the tools perform.

Training legal AI tools before they are integrated with an enterprise system is imperative to avoid a whole lot of chaos encountered post the implementation. It takes time, patience, and the right expertise to help the machine accurately interpret the data, make clear decisions, and deliver error-free results. Leave the AI training task to Cenza and get the tool to perform its responsibilities with maximum accuracy.

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Legal AI Training

Ever since the emergence of AI tools for Legal Operations, Cenza has been at the forefront providing valuable training to steer business goals forward.

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Legal AI & ML Training

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Legal AI & ML Training

Our Promise!

Diligence is the primary element for the success of AI/ML training. A time-tested learning model is a prerequisite to ensuring that the entire process is warranted the attentiveness it deserves. And that is Cenza’s promise.

Our Approach

When we say training, it might appear as a linear approach, but it is truly a multi-dimensional model comprising multiple stages. A clear discernment of your needs from the tool drives team Cenza forward in building a fool-proof training strategy. Here is a snippet of how we do it.

Building Data

An AI tool is built to deal with a number of documents and complex workflows.
Thus, we build a sample set comprising all the facets that would fall
under the tool’s scope. With a strong data set depicting the true
essence of the purpose, we progress to the training phase.


This is when we provide the data set built exclusively for the training.
As it is the first time the tool is comprehending the decision-making process,
it needs guidance to fine-tune its learning process. Our goal here is to make
the tool learn how to interpret the data to deliver accurate results.


As the training gets complete, our experts will do an extensive quality check.
This process involves a thorough analysis of the efficacy of the data and how
effective it is in enabling the tool to serve its purpose.


Before the trained AI tool goes live, we do a trial run to ensure that
the tool is free of any hitches. It is a real-world test of the tool’s
performance and accuracy. This helps us determine if the tool can be
operational and deliver the expected outcomes.

Why Choose Us?

An unbeatable training to enliven your Legal AI Your business needs AI because it has tremendous potential to disrupt your legal operations for the greater good. But you cannot overlook the fact that an AI/ML tool is as good as its training. Cenza is here to narrow the gap in the tool’s comprehension of its purpose. Partnering with Cenza, you will benefit from our experience working with a wide range of organizations to build a highly valuable legal AI tool. So, if you are up for embracing AI for legal, then Cenza is your training partner. Contact us for more information.

Legal AI & ML Training
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Cenza is one of Leverton’s preferred partners for lease abstraction services. Over the last couple of years of our relationship, Cenza has shown tremendous ability to deliver a large volume of real estate and capital asset leases on time while meeting the quality standards. Their abstraction and validation of the AI extracted data is continuously improving Leverton’s deep learning platform and helping customers make the most of it

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Vyom Gupta

COO, Leverton, New York, United States

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