Subjective and Objective Coding

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Subjective and Objective Coding

Legal documents are voluminous, and so the process of finding information is complex. As legal professionals tend to search for information from scores of litigation documents on a day-to-day basis, they end up spending their productive hours that should be invested in crucial tasks. The genesis of Subjective and Objective Coding has been a boon to global lawyers, as it simplifies the time-intensive information discovery process.

An increasing number of legal firms today are availing of the Subjective and Objective Coding from external experts like Cenza, considering the irrefutable benefits. Be it the basic Objective Coding for each of your legal documents or the complex Subjective Coding comprising all key data, Cenza can deliver everything you need for a seamless document review. If your documents comprise images, then we have Bibliographic Coding to ease the job.

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Our Promise!

Your documents are safe in the hands of competent professionals who prioritize quality, compliance, and client satisfaction. We at Cenza are committed to achieving results that matter.

Our Approach

Enabling timely access to the right information for legal professionals is the definitive goal of our Subjective and Objective Coding. Our multidimensional approach has been the driving force behind the sustained success of this service over the years.

Objective, Subjective and
Bibliographic Coding

There are different levels of coding involved based on the specific
needs. Therefore, we understand your requirements clearly,
strategize the right coding type, and execute is as per our
defined workflow. For instance, we recommend Bibliographic
Coding for documents containing images.

Logical Document

This is a physical equivalent of splitting and organizing relevant
documents together. The digital variant involves technology
and trained professionals for accurate unitization. As multiple
documents get combined while scanning, we define the logical
boundaries to split and arrange them based on the relationship.


The use of the right tools is inevitable to deliver high-quality
results and adhere to the defined SLAs. Furthermore, it enables
us to offer reliable, valuable insights to build a constructive
review strategy. With the aid of technology, you achieve
time and cost efficiencies

Up to 100 Coding

Every legal document has several key information that lawyers
would often refer to. Hence, team Cenza strives to cover every
field that will improve the searchability for end-users.

Customizable Data
Entry Validation

The need for data entry varies between law firms,
so does our validation process.

Fully Secure Cloud Hosting

We deal with a massive number of documents in every Subjective
and Objective Coding project. Hence, we rely on a
reliable cloud service for the transfer of files
to avoid any untoward incidences.

Why Choose Us?

Transforming the searchability of your legal documents In today’s fast-paced business world, striving to accomplish your business goals with the age-old process is impossible. Law firms need to buckle up to be in the race by embracing the contemporary way of managing their back and middle office tasks. As information forms the core of a law firm’s success, the importance of managing is not overrated. Cenza’s strategy for Subjective and Objective Coding is built on the fundamentals of technology, experience, dedication, and customer delight. So, you stand to win the best.

Legal Professionals
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We worked with Cenza for over a year on a very complex, time sensitive and litigious project, which involved the management of three different parties. The team at Cenza was very keen to fully understand our requirements and took the time to confirm instructions properly and were collaborative as they worked with us to decipher the data; they were responsive, and made themselves available to us, which gave us comfort that the output would be received when required, and in a format that we had agreed. During the project, instructions varied and goal posts changed, but Cenza’s solution-based approach was invaluable and ensured that the output met the requirements of all parties involved.

Client Face

Julie Nettleton

Director, Grant Thornton UK LLP, London, United Kingdom

Case Studies

Outsourcing word processing represents low-hanging fruit for law firms that want to achieve operational cost savings. It is a low-risk strategy,
implemented in a relatively short time frame. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize on this cost-saving opportunity.