Bulk Import Metadata

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Bulk Import Metadata

Businesses today need the most effective CLM solution to make the best use of contracts for improved performance.
It means switching to a contemporary Contract Management System is inevitable. But, migrating all the contract data from the existing
system to a new platform is a tough task. Moreover, how will you ensure an error-free migration?

Leverage our experience in the bulk import of contracts and the allied data. Cenza and our CLM experts have devised a time-tested
strategy and process flow to assist you in the complete migration process.

Vitalizing Contract Lifecycle Management

Unmatched expertise in Bulk Import Services, driven by technology

Cenza can indeed be regarded as a maven in Bulk Metadata Import, owing to our noteworthy experience, reliable services, and a massive clientele.

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Our Promise!

A CLM system needs the right data to be truly valuable to your business and its growth. Cenza capitalizes on its expertise in the complete legacy migration and CLM implementation processes to facilitate the most-reliable Bulk Metadata Import.

Our Approach

An extensive Bulk Import Consulting is fundamental for CLM’s success. It allows us to comprehend your needs and keep you informed on the end-to-end process involved. The Consulting phase is vital for our experts to assess your system, determine the requirements, and strategize the best way forward. As we ascertain the goals, we proceed with our 5-step approach for the contract and metadata migration.


The spreadsheet with the contract metadata shared by your
team will undergo extensive pre-processing. It includes OCR,
validation of file properties, header mapping, checking
for duplicates, and ensuring consistency in the file
names and database format. During this process, we evaluate
the new tool’s workflow and add any missing fields to
make it complete.


As we gain access to all your enterprise contracts, we
add them to the newly-adopted Digital Contracting

ID Mapping

As the system generates a unique document ID for
each of the uploaded files, we will map it with the respective
metadata in the spreadsheet, and upload it to the CLM system.
Now the system will automatically map the metadata with
their related agreements and update the values.


This phase involves identifying all the existing associations
for related contracts, such as parent-child linking,
a crucial component in Contract Management.

Quality Check

We verify and validate the accuracy of the import against
the metadata spreadsheet. It is indeed a systematic
quality assurance check to ensure high precision in
metadata migration.

Why Choose Us?

To make your CLM operational ready!

Understanding the nuance of Bulk Metadata Import needs time and dedicated efforts. Given your business priorities and challenges, letting your in-house team handle the time-intensive process can barely add any value. Since this is not their expertise, it could further complicate the process. But with Cenza as your Bulk Metadata Import partner, you are in for a non-intrusive migration experience. And, your CLM is all set with the required data momentarily.

Legal & Contract Management System
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Thank you for the continued great work with our mutual customers. The work your team does is critical to the overall success and business value our customers get from the platform and we can’t thank you enough!

Client Face
Chief Customer Officer Ironclad, United States

Contract migration is never easy; there are so many variables to take into account, an endless list of contracts, requirements, data to sort and clean and so many decisions to make! The entire process could be overwhelming and easily turn into a nightmare. HOWEVER, working with Cenza was definitely the best thing to do! They are very thoughtful, straight to the point, and provide a lot of guidance during the entire process. They are beyond professional, their expertise is incredible and the thing I liked the most was the constant feedback and communication. I would definitely recommend Cenza for this type of project.

Client Face
Legal Specialist Logitech, Switzerland

Cenza was an essential partner for us as we migrated to Ironclad. Because of their strong expertise in the process and the tool and their constant communication to keep us informed of progress, the contracts migration process got executed with speed and utmost quality. Thank you, Team Cenza!

Client Face
Senior Legal Operations Manager Everlaw, United States

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It is a low-risk strategy, implemented in a relatively short time frame. Discover how Cenza can help your firm capitalize
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