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AI & ML support

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Artificial Intelligence drives the next wave of innovation in the legal industry. Self-learning AI/ML models are progressively being integrated into global enterprise ecosystems to significantly increase their legal operational efficiency, boost human capabilities, and achieve swift results.

Training your machines to be cognitive like a human is synonymous with developing effective AI models. At Cenza, we take care of training your legal AI tools with vast volumes of meaningful, high-quality data. We have built a collaborative ecosystem to train an AI/ML model through a repetitive and time-intensive data annotation and labeling process with human-in-the-loop services.


Gain a strategic
advantage with a truly
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At Cenza, we help legal AI/ML companies and their customers in building high-quality ‘training data’ with our proven human-in-the-loop service model. The most striking benefits of our AI/ML training services are huge time savings, better resource management, and improved focus on strategic priorities, such as refining and improving the AI model itself. By providing services that are designed to expedite the training of legal AI tools, Cenza has been a catalyst in unlocking higher value and greater efficiency in the Contract Management process.

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Cenza is one of Leverton’s preferred partners for lease abstraction services. Over the last couple of years of our relationship, Cenza has shown tremendous ability to deliver a large volume of real estate and capital asset leases on time while meeting the quality standards. Their abstraction and validation of the AI extracted data is continuously improving Leverton’s deep learning platform and helping customers make the most of it

Vyom Gupta

COO, Leverton, New York, United States
Data & Image Annotation Services

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