For a law firm, exhaustive, high-quality and thorough documentation is a critical part of any client engagement. Having said that, most law firms employ secretaries or documentation specialists to do the heavy lifting around creating, editing and maintaining documents, while junior associates and lawyers spend their valuable time on more critical aspects of a legal engagement or case. But keeping in mind the huge volume of documents that need to be maintained, several leading law firms now rely on legal services firms like Cenza that have deep expertise in the legal documentation lifecycle.

At Cenza, we have developed a robust set of systems and processes to serve our legal clients with top-notch legal word processing support. Our specialists ensure that all documents managed have the following attributes:

1.     Accuracy & consistency

2.     Attention to detail

3.     Speed

4.     Confidentiality

As in the case of any services firm, we believe, expertise, experience and people are the crucial aspects of serving a client to their utmost satisfaction.

Here, we highlight the expertise of our legal word processing specialists and how they’ve upgraded themselves with next-generation tools and methodologies over the years.

1.     At Cenza, our legal word processing specialists are well-equipped to handle highly confidential, sensitive legal documents. A proprietary process we’ve developed has evolved over the years keeping in the mind the sensitivity of the documents we work on.

2.     Our word processing specialists have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with lawyers, associates and secretaries on the client side to take feedback and instructions.

3.     Be it drafting a contract, a power of attorney document, written consents, charter documents or any other legal documents, our specialists understand the purpose each document serves and tweak the process as needed.

4.     Our teams use the latest technology tools to simplify the process of creating, editing and maintaining legal documents. Be it scanning of documents, conversion of documents from one file type to another, red-lining of select portions of a document or even document comparisons, at Cenza, we’ve developed a well-oiled process to serve our legal clients.

5.     Needless to say,our word processing experts can create tables, charts, summaries and presentations based on the input documents for our clients to scan through information without spending much time.

6.     Our document specialists understand the purpose of a legal document in detail before kick starting a new project, making sure there is no ambiguity or confusion in the final document.

7.     For any legal contract, we understand the need to use relevant legal terminology, provide cross-referencing links where needed and overall ensure consistency of text.

8.     Last but not the least, our systems and processes ensure that we deliver on deadlines with speed and accuracy, keeping in mind the demanding schedule of our clients.

Additionally, there is a much more important reason to outsource your legal documentation; A specialist is well-versed in spotting common mistakes, ensuring accuracy and consistency of information. For example, even a typo in a legal document can prove to be fatal; Proofreading, while certainly a simple task, is a core part of the process and a document specialist is reviewing a document without any bias. A junior associate who is working on a legal document may overlook grave errors and that is certainly not something you want.

Reach out to us  here to understand our process for creating fool-proof, highly accurate and error-free legal documents. At Cenza, we’ve over 18 years of experience and over 500+ projects in legal coding, legal word processing and support services, having served some of the world’s leading law firms and corporate legal departments on several long-term assignments. We believe our process-oriented approach to offering support services for your legal word processing needs will certainly bring in efficiency into your legal process.  Contact us here.


About the Author: Aditya Mirza

Aditya has a strong background in financial services and legal outsourcing. He has worked in business development and implementation of offshore services for over ten years. In this period, he managed a large number of client engagements for firms in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. Aditya previously worked at Deutsche Bank, New York. He has a Masters in Finance from Brandeis University and a Bachelor in Accounting from Loyola College, India.