Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is fast becoming an essential tool for firms in order to manage expenses and risk, as well as uncovering additional revenue opportunities. In short, this is achieved through the complete management of the contract lifecycle, from negotiation and revision to due diligence review.

Technology is of course the future of successful Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), but as important is the human expertise required to complete the end-to-end process. We have the tools, technology, and workflow expertise to help you rationalize the contracting process and enhance the management of data through all phases of business activity. We help clients build & maintain contract databases and we provide tools to help them manage contract creation, revision, renewal, and compliance in the ordinary course of business.

With 20 years of experience as an LPO partner, Cenza has considerable experience in assisting both corporate law departments and providing support to Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM ) software providers. Our deep domain expertise in law, financial services, and diverse industry sectors combine with our process & engineering skills, is what gives us the know-how to provide a solution for the most large-scale and time-sensitive contract management assignments.

We are specialists in:

• Migrating legacy contracts into database systems
• Clause extraction to enhance access to key information
• Due diligence contract review
• Tools for contract drafting, redlining & revision
• Negotiation & Management Support
• Advanced tools to streamline compliance & administration
• Contract auditing
• Contract abstraction
• Contract document formatting and hyperlinking

Our services and expertise cover the complete contract life cycle management, helping our clients improve revenue, mitigate risks and manage compliance.


About the Author: Andrew Jardine

Andrew provides advice to Cenza and their clients on how best to utilise legal services in conjunction with different legal technologies, achieving high quality and cost effective solutions. Andrew does this by leveraging his legal technology and strategy consulting experience gained during his time as an early stage employee at Kira Systems and while as a Consultant at Deloitte earlier in his career. In hisspare time Andrew publishes a legal technology podcast, “Legaltech Tapas”, helping people to stay informed about different legal softwares.