Services to Help Maintain and Manage Real Estate Asset Portfolios- Litigation Support to Lease Review & Abstraction

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Real Estate Lease Management Services

Whether you are rushing to complete due diligence for an M&A transaction or simply managing a large portfolio of commercial leases, Cenza is an outsource partner you can rely on to provide a full range of support services to help you maintain and grow your commercial real estate portfolio. We have real estate expertise and experience working with all commercial real estate documentation, including complex leases, estoppel certificates and lease guarantees. We use AI and machine learning based tools to ensure our teams can handle contract review and abstraction projects on a large scale in the most efficient manner, delivering the highest quality results on the tight timeline that our clients often need.

  • Cost-effective LPO resource for due diligence on any real estate component of M&A transactions
  • Expert review of commercial lease portfolios including guarantees and estoppel certificates

Lease Review & Abstraction

With a transaction deadline looming, reviewing a large commercial lease portfolio is a task that’s ideally suited to an LPO so long as it’s properly qualified to perform the necessary due diligence. At Cenza we have the right mix of real estate domain expertise, process-engineering skills and in place quality controls in order to manage the burdensome task of commercial lease review. Our review teams are adept and equipped to sift through the boilerplate in order to identify all the key lease terms and provisions. Our abstraction services capture the relevant information your team needs for legal and financial analysis, including legal property description, financial terms, lessor covenants and obligations, lessee options and special rights, as well as any applicable guarantees and waivers. We deliver clients the best of both worlds – the cost savings they expect from an offshore provider together with the quality and caliber of review and abstraction they would expect to receive from someone onshore.

  • Large lease portfolios efficiently reviewed
  • Full abstraction services covering all key lease terms

Lease Administration

As commercial real estate portfolios have grown larger and more diversified, lease administration has also become increasingly complicated, requiring far more careful monitoring in order to avoid unintended tripwires and defaults. That’s why Cenza decided to extend our real estate services beyond the traditional offering of lease review and abstraction. Now we provide clients with a unique end-to-end solution so they can more effectively manage all their lease-related obligations. Based on a complete review of your lease portfolio, we design and build a customized lease administration engine so that your property management team receives proper notification of all obligations and deadlines applicable to each lease. The engine can be further adapted to send applicable notices as may be required directly to tenants and other third parties. Lease administration has never been easier. Now for Cenza’s clients, there’s no reason for any more inadvertent defaults, no matter how large and unwieldy their lease portfolio happens to grow.

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