Controlling outside counsel costs,reviewing and processing invoices for increasing efficiency and better service

15 %
legal spend savings
18 +
years’ experience in Legal industry
50 +
law firms and vendors reviewed
45,000 +
line items reviewed annually

Legal Operations

The success of a corporate law department today depends on implementing effective management and control over day-to-day legal operations. You need the right tools, technology, partners and strategy in order to modify work-flows and strike the right balance between insourcing and outsourcing, so you can drive efficiency, control costs, and ultimately achieve better outcomes. That’s why Cenza is the perfect partner for your law department as you focus on improving legal operations. We have more than 18 years of experience partnering with leading corporations in order to help them improve efficiency, reduce risk and save money by streamlining operations. We are work-flow experts with deep domain expertise in legal operations, ranging from contract management, litigation support, data extraction and metric analysis, as well as legal spend management.

  • Take control over outside counsel spending
  • Enforce billing guidelines
  • Enable faster and better case management decisions with based on solid analytics
  • Improve your relationships with outside counsel by delegating consistent billing policy enforcement to Cenza

The business of law has undergone tremendous transformation in recent years, as technology has upended the way lawyers work and interact with clients. With all the changes, one thing remains utterly certain – if you don’t have a rigorous program in place for legal spend management, your law department is leaving a lot of money on the table. Research has shown that law departments that operate with inefficient or negligible spend management processes in place have faced year over year increases between 10% and 20 percent from outside counsel whereas a comprehensive strategy for managing outside counsel expense can achieve savings in the same range. Cenza’s legal spend management division can help you realize these substantial savings and at the same time free up the time and energies of your legal team to focus on higher-value tasks. No matter what e-billing system your law department uses, our skilled staff can step in to take over the routine tasks of billing review and administration, covering a complete range of spend management services:

  • Legal bill review and audit
  • Billing guideline compliance
  • Matter management
  • Firm / Vendor management
  • Timekeeper rate maintenance
  • Budgeting and accruals
  • Matter creation
  • Bill processing
  • Accounts Payable

With Cenza as your spend management partner, you will never have to worry about enforcing your billing guidelines, resolving disputes for non-compliant invoices or letting another instance of overbilling go unchallenged. We focus on ensuring you pay outside counsel only what you owe them so your legal team can focus on the substantive legal issues that matter most to each matter’s ultimate outcome.

Legal Bill Review

Legal bill review is at the core of how your law department can achieve real savings with outside counsel. We provide this service two ways – either as part of our comprehensive law department management services or on a stand-alone basis, so clients can begin to realize the benefits almost immediately. The key advantages of our legal bill review as a stand-alone service are:

  • Rapid deployment (typically less than a month)
  • The service is platform agnostic and even available for law departments not currently using any e-billing tool, since it is hosted on our proprietary tool
  • It provides powerful analytics and insight to enable better matter management, budgeting and forecasting

And the major benefit will fall right to your law department’s bottom line. Our highly skilled staff is laser focused on flagging the issues that result in excessive law firm billing, by identifying duplicative tasks, time wasted on irrelevant tasks and Partner overbilling. With Cenza as your bill review partner, we will enforce sound billing practices, enforce your guidelines, conduct annual account assessments, and provide invaluable metrics, all while leaving your legal staff free to focus on higher-value tasks. If your law department is struggling to rein in runaway spending on outside counsel, our bill review service can help you take control without further delay.

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