Lease Management

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Lease Management

An optimized Lease Management facilitates better risk management, ensures compliance, and builds operational agility. Adopting software is not the one-shot answer for all your Lease Management challenges, be it easing the administrative hassles or streamlining the process. Most importantly, you need better visibility of your lease portfolio and the overall performance to avoid unintended tripwires and defaults. To achieve this, your Lease Administration system should be integrated with the insights it needs to keep you informed of lease-related obligations, asset utilization, and hidden opportunities.

Cenza’s full range of Lease Management offers everything you need for a worthwhile Lease Portfolio Management. We have been working with property owners, property management firms, real estate investment trusts, commercial establishments, retailers, and office space vendors to bolster their Lease Administration process. Adding the ability to precisely monitor every lease indeed goes a long way in improving your business’s financial health.

Inferring the Uncertainty

Tackling the challenges to calibrate your Lease Management

When state-of-the-art technology meets people with an impeccable process, it leads to incredible outcomes. Our metrics are a clear case in point.

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Our Promise!

Leases today undergo a lot of scrutiny with changing norms and standards. Cenza assists you in keeping pace with the evolving trends and norms in the global Real Estate landscape. Here is how we won our customers’ trust and built a lasting relationship.

Our Approach

Lease Administration is a strategic task in Commercial Real Estate, but it needs exclusive expertise to accomplish the mission. While the high-level tasks can be managed by your in-house team, they need the assistance of process experts in gaining access to critical information for strategic decisions. Cenza’s Lease Management services encompass everything to enable better governance of your lease portfolio.

Lease Review &

Monitoring multiple terms in a number of contracts requires
rigorous review and analysis. You can achieve accuracy in the
process, provided all the key lease terms and provisions
are captured, standardized, and organized to enable quick access.
Our Lease Review & Abstraction will transform the unstructured
data into a simplified format to help you easily deduce a lease’s
performance and the action needed.


Your lease portfolio comprises a horde of leases and terms
to be tracked. Cenza helps you in establishing a powerful lease
administration system to get notified of the dues, deadlines,
and obligations on time. It facilitates direct communication
to keep your tenants and other third parties informed on
notices and other updates.


It is not only time-consuming but needs extreme diligence to avoid
even minor errors. You can further your accounting team’s efficiency
with our experts on board to effectively manage Accounts Payable,
Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger. With expertise in various
accounting systems, such as MRI, Yardi, and JD Edwards, and platform
integration, we are indeed the destination for all your
Lease Accounting needs.


With the evolving norms in lease administration, a thorough analysis
of each lease is imperative. Thus, our Lease Management experts
verify all your lease types for compliance with IFRS and
FASB accounting standards. As a part of the validation process,
we provide a detailed report comprising all the data points
of strategic importance.


Common area maintenance charges make up the major
share of operating expenses, such as ongoing maintenance
and need-based servicing. Assessing the CAM charges of
all the assets by taking various factors into account
is indeed time intensive. Besides, a minor discrepancy
could cause a huge loss for a prolonged time. Thus, Cenza
takes complete charge of precisely analyzing the CAM
charges for different properties, ensuring compliance,
and maximizing your profits.

CAM Audit

We execute the audit from the perspective of property
owners and tenants as well. Because an ethical
calculation for a fair share of CAM expenses helps
in building trust and long-term partnership. Therefore,
Cenza does a neutral cost computation to eliminate any
miscalculations, help tenants comprehend the process,
and simplify the CAM charges recovery.

Why Choose us

Go beyond the ordinary in Lease Management

When we say end-to-end Lease Management services, it means an exhaustive analysis of your requirements and building tailored solutions that will guarantee higher ROI. No matter the complexity of your lease portfolio, we are here to redefine the way you manage it and deliver better business outcomes. With us, the risks and compliance part of your Lease Management gets sorted.

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