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A partnership to unearth the true value of insights within your enterprise contracts for accelerated transformation, efficiencies, and better business outcomes.

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    What We Offer

    We provide end-to-end Contract Migration services for organizations implementing Ironclad. Our team of experienced lawyers, contract specialists, and Ironclad-trained Project Managers are skilled at effectively migrating contracts and metadata from any CLM or shared folder onto Ironclad.

    Contract Discovery

    We scan folders and network drives to discover all your contracts, identify their locations, and flag duplicates to avoid redundancies.

    Contract Data Normalisation

    We take existing data and standardize it using defined set of lists, formats, and rules. This makes it easy to perform comparisons and reporting.

    Workflow Creation

    Consulting, editing and creating new workflow – Dynamic and Static.

    Legacy and Data

    Legacy and ongoing contracts and data migration into Ironclad.

    Bulk Upload

    Migrating the contracts and the existing metadata into Ironclad.

    Contract Data Extraction

    Using a combination of AI tools and contract specialists, we extract contract data, so you have easy access to reliable information when you need it.

    Repository Cleanup

    The contract data within Ironclad is validated, enabling the system to deliver its true potential.

    Update CLM Data

    We enter extracted contract data directly onto your CLM so you can make use of the full CLM functionality using complete data.

    Quality Assurance Process

    The accuracy of data defines the efficiency of your CLM system. Thus, our Quality Assurance Team does extensive quality
    control on the data and post-reviewed agreements to ensure maximum accuracy. Here is how we do it.

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    Why Choose Cenza?

    We take a consultative and collaborative approach to solving complex legal operations challenges.

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    “Thank you for the continued great work with our mutual customers. The work your team does is critical to the overall success and business value our customers get from the platform and we can’t thank you enough!”

    “Contract migration is never easy; The entire process could be overwhelming and easily turn into a nightmare. HOWEVER, working with Cenza was definitely the best thing to do. I would definitely recommend Cenza for this type of project!”

    “Cenza was an essential partner for us as we migrated to Ironclad. Because of their strong expertise in the process and the tool and their constant communication to keep us informed of progress, the contracts migration process got executed with speed and utmost quality. Thank you, Team Cenza!”

    Legacy Contract Review Process

    We have a comprehensive approach combining tools, rigorous processes, contract specialists, and Ironclad-trained
    Project Managers experts to ensure reliable contract migration.

    Bulk Import Process

    Bulk Import of Contracts and allied data is fundamental for the success of the CLM. With a time-tested approach for Bulk Import,
    we guarantee the best outcomes from your Ironclad CLM system.


    This includes OCR, validation of file properties, header mapping, checking for duplicates, ensuring consistency in the file names and database format, and customizing Ironclad’s workflow.


    As we gain access to all your enterprise contracts, we add them to the Ironclad Digital Contracting Solution.

    ID Mapping

    The unique document IDs from Ironclad are mapped with the respective metadata and uploaded to the CLM system to enable automatic mapping of the metadata/values with the related agreements.

    Contract Association

    This phase involves identifying all the existing associations for related contracts, such as parent-child linking, a crucial component in Contract Management.

    Quality Check

    We verify and validate the accuracy of the import against the metadata. This is a systematic quality assurance check to ensure highest levels of precision in the metadata.

    Benefiting from the Cenza + Ironclad Partnership ​

    A growing number of customers are partnering with Cenza for migrating contracts onto Ironclad.

    Record Property List ​

    We extract all critical metadata to enable the CLM to perform optimally; these are the metadata fields most commonly requested. We can also work with any custom fields you require, so reach out to our CLM consultants to develop a record property list for your business needs.

    Counterparty Name
    Effective Date
    Automatic Renewal
    Contract Expiry Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Contract Term
    Payment Terms
    Governing Law
    Contract Total Value
    Contract Type
    Termination Notice Period
    Assignment Clause
    Limitation of Liability
    Contract Status
    Logo/Marketing Rights
    Autorenewal Opt
    Out Notice Period
    Counterparty Address
    Contract Title
    Termination for Convenience
    Termination for Cause
    Change of control clause
    Insurance clause
    Cenza Legal Consultant

    Our Approach

    We employ a tried and tested approach built on our
    experience working with several customers.

    About Cenza

    Cenza is a global legal services provider that helps
    Law Departments Law Firms improve efficiency, quality,
    and business outcomes, assisting them in the journey
    towards digital transformation. Our services
    include Contract Management, Legal AI support and
    CLM Migration Implementation.

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    About Ironclad

    Ironclad builds contracts software to take legal teams to the
    next level. It is the simple, secure way to create and
    collaborate on contracts, giving users a modern, all-in-one,
    customizable experience. Ironclad is used by leading innovators
    to collaborate and negotiate on contracts and accelerate
    contracting while maintaining compliance.

    Ironclad is the digital contracting system your Legal team needs.
    Get it right with Cenza.


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    Our Experts

    We are led by a team that brings in a wealth of experience to govern the strategic direction of Cenza.

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