Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an unstoppable force that is driving change in the business world, including language translation, autonomous vehicles, cancer diagnosis, facial recognition, fraud detection, and automating some legal tasks. With phenomenal growth projected in the AI market in the next few years, organisations across the board are adopting technology strategies to encompass AI solutions and processes. 

As demand drives product development and delivery, many AI providers are on boarding clients at an incredibly fast rate, which while good for business and market growth, presents a challenge in fulfilling end-to-end processes on time, and within specification and budget. AI systems require complex and systematic training in order to perform their complete function. For example, for a machine learning algorithm to auto-detect contract details, provisions, concepts within various types of contracts, it requires human intelligence to annotate, or label the attributes and concepts to train the AI accuracy level. This may not be a viable option for AI providers to manage in-house due to resource, cost ad scale considerations, which is why AI companies are working with outsourcing partners to produce training data at the required volume and quality to deliver successful projects within budget


 In the well published and often referenced report, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Projects Obstructed by Data Issues, key takeaways hindering successful project delivery are:

  • Projects stalling before deployment
  • Data training more difficult than expected
  • Label and annotating training data is complex, and generally not a skill providers have in-house
  • Developing own labelling and annotation automation technology proved not viable


 Cenza has considerable experience in AI annotation training and Human-in-the-loop services for the Legal market. Already certified by leading AI providers such as Kira Systems and Leverton, our deep level expertise in Machine Learning (ML), specifically data normalisation and system training is assisting our AI provider partners to streamline processes and  and lower the cost of adopting advanced ML technology. 

AI providers outsource to Cenza because:

  • We have years of experience normalising large data volumes, tagging, annotation and solving complex information management problems. 
  • We have invaluable hands-on ML experience and are certified in two of the leading machine-learning systems and are continuously developing our knowledge base to incorporate the most up to date technology, solutions and platforms.  
  • We can rapidly assemble teams to train systems, whether for simple or complex judgments, helping our clients to easily and cost-effectively scale projects and deliver within the planned time frame and budget. 
  • Our network of subject matter experts allows us to quickly bring the right expertise on board to align with project resourcing requirements.

Speak to usabout how we can help you produce training data to deploy your complex projects successfully, on time and within budget.


About the Author: Cenza

Cenza is an established global ALSP serving clients in the US and UK from India with scalable, cost‐effective, and reliable managed legal services built on best‐in‐class technology, deep operational expertise, rigorous quality control, and robust client service. Cenza has been ranked in the Chambers and Partners 2023 Global-wide Alternative Legal Service Provider and LawTech Consulting guides.