The COVID pandemic is unlike any before and has created havoc across industries, including the legal sector. In this crisis, some are already managed legal business services can be outsource to India rather than recruit and train new employees to meet predicted staff shortages. Outsourcing to India has always proven to be cost-effective, and the tropical climate has sustained viruses in the past.



Coronavirus staff shortages look to offshore legal support

The current COVID-19 outbreak worldwide has impelled organizations to quickly revisit their business continuity plans and implement necessary measures to ensure resiliency. First and foremost comes taking steps to minimize the spread of the illness, with businesses adopting best practices to keep the coronavirus at bay.

Law firms, financial institutions and corporations are all rushing to put in place necessary infrastructure and protocols to support remote access for professionals and support staff on a large scale basis.  Yet this sudden dramatic shift presents a challenge for many organizations which requires with major investments in hardware, cybersecurity and data privacy measures to sustain effective collaboration, communication and security.

Additionally, not all types of work lend themselves equally to well to being handled by professional and support staff working from home.  This is true in the legal market for essential tasks and team-oriented projects such as document review, contract management, and litigation support, all of which require a high degree of centralized management and coordination.

‘’Law firms and corporate law departments do not have adequate infrastructure that would enable them to simply flip a switch and shift to a home-based workforce for these types of tasks.  Instead, outsourcing to a third-party service provider will prove to be a far easier and more cost-effective solution’’ – our analyst say.

Benefits of outsourcing to India during COVID-19

  • India’s tropical climate: Even the epidemics in the past such as MERS, SARS, Ebola and yellow fever killed thousands across Asia, America, and Africa, India had managed to curb the spread.
  • Cost to outsource legal services: There is a stark difference in labor costs between India and U.S & Europe.
  • Help focus on strategic tasks: Outsourcing will lessen the workload of in-house professionals, especially for companies with a resource crunch in COVID-affected regions.
  • Disregard Recruitment headache: Companies need not spend time and money to recruit and train new employees and in-house professionals can focus on high-value tasks.
  • Offer round the clock service: Working in a different time zone will also allow law firms to leverage benefits and reduce delivery time and facilitate 24/7 operations.

How Cenza can help you

Headquartered in India, Cenza is a leading legal business services provider offering managed services with an established a robust system to work without any hindrance. With our expertise in training AI systems certified by leading AI providers and Contract Lifecycle Management, we have helped our clients achieve growth by focusing on their core business activities.



About the Author: Cenza

Cenza is an established global ALSP serving clients in the US and UK from India with scalable, cost‐effective, and reliable managed legal services built on best‐in‐class technology, deep operational expertise, rigorous quality control, and robust client service. Cenza has been ranked in the Chambers and Partners 2023 Global-wide Alternative Legal Service Provider and LawTech Consulting guides.