If your business is broadly based on contracts, which according to common research 80% of enterprise business is, you’re probably already considering how improved contract management can boost your bottom line by 10-15%, right? You’re also likely thinking about streamlining regulatory compliance and governance, which can be debilitating for your business if not effectively managed.

That’s where our Contract Management services are re-shaping our clients’ businesses. How, you might ask?

Well the first point that you may find reassuring is that here at Cenza, in our 18+ years of experience in contract management, our qualified legal experts have been reviewing on average 30 000 contracts a year. So if we bought into Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that 10 000 hours makes you an expert at pretty much anything, we clocked that back in 2000. But on a more serious note, since this is a business blog let’s talk commercial acumen, or more to the point, we’ll let our clients do that – see what they have to say in our Case Studies and Testimonials.

For those of you interested in the complex technology behind our platforms, solutions and partner integrations hold that thought, our next article will address the question ‘When should I use or not use AI for Law’?

But now we’re off to #IACCMAmericas2019 – hope to see you there.


About the Author: Cenza

Cenza is an established global ALSP serving clients in the US and UK from India with scalable, cost‐effective, and reliable managed legal services built on best‐in‐class technology, deep operational expertise, rigorous quality control, and robust client service. Cenza has been ranked in the Chambers and Partners 2023 Global-wide Alternative Legal Service Provider and LawTech Consulting guides.