Cenza, a leading managed legal services provider, and Clearlaw Inc., an innovative artificial intelligence company specializing in deep contracting intelligence and data extraction, announced a partnership today.

Cenza supports legal operations teams across multiple sectors including technology, pharma, retail, finance, insurance, and banking. The company delivers contract consulting, implementation, and allied services, including contract review, analysis, extraction, negotiation, and contract lifecycle management.

As an implementation partner for Clearlaw, Cenza will help Clearlaw’s clients accelerate the analysis, identification, and extraction of key data from documents, including third-party paper. Clearlaw’s clients benefit from the consulting and contract solutions that Cenza provides.

Clearlaw’s AI-based contract content analysis and extraction technology can seamlessly integrate into existing tools, providing valuable contracting data throughout the entire lifecycle.

“Harnessing technology and innovation to transform the legal space, Clearlaw has been making an impact with our novel solutions. Our goal has always been to broaden the sphere of our impact and enable businesses to break the boundaries of technology. This partnership will prove to be pathbreaking by delivering unforeseen CLM benefits,” says Clearlaw CEO Jordan Ritenour.

“Cenza’s partnership with Clearlaw expands our capabilities in contract management and CLM solutions. The combination of Clearlaw AI and Cenza’s experienced contract specialists will assist clients in managing contracts more efficiently. We believe this partnership will help our clients with contract visibility and unlocking strategic insights,” says Cenza’s CEO Aditya Mirza.

About Clearlaw – www.clearlaw.ai

 Clearlaw is transforming the way businesses leverage contracts and contractual data with their clients and vendors. Through the deployment of Nature Language Processing and deep learning methods specifically designed for contract language, Clearlaw empowers legal teams to automate key contract data identification and extraction, whether for the review of a single contract or across a large contract repository.

About Cenzawww.cenza.co

Cenza is a leading legal services provider offering a range of managed legal services and contract management to clients across the globe, including law firms and corporate legal departments of technology, financial services, and life sciences firms. Our key strengths are in contract review, migration, compliance, and legal AI training & implementation. Cenza has over 20 years of experience helping leading LegalTech and their clients improve efficiency, quality, and business outcomes in their journey towards digital transformation.





About the Author: Aditya Mirza

Aditya has a strong background in financial services and legal outsourcing. He has worked in business development and implementation of offshore services for over ten years. In this period, he managed a large number of client engagements for firms in the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. Aditya previously worked at Deutsche Bank, New York. He has a Masters in Finance from Brandeis University and a Bachelor in Accounting from Loyola College, India.