Annual Kick-Off at Cenza is a day dedicated to celebrating the individual achievements of Cenza employees and the new milestones the company has accomplished. Year on year, we have been diligently observing the event, rain or shine, and thus, Cenza employees look forward to this day when we all gather under one roof and revere the contributions of each one of us in sustaining the organizational progress.

Due to the circumstances since March 2020, since when we transitioned to working from home, in-person meetings are not viable, considering the safety and well-being of Cenza employees and their families. However, it cannot be a reason to deprive us of the key event, especially when employee engagement is our topmost priority to sustain ours. Therefore, we have adapted the virtual form of the Annual Kick-Off for the 2021 edition, which held in June this year.

The event saw every Cenza employee actively participating in the virtual meet and cheering up the winners of our much-coveted annual awards. The event commenced with the context setting by our Director, Lakshmi Gopal, ensued by a foreword by our CEO, Aditya Mirza, to set the tone for the evening virtual gala. Galvanizing new energy from the business updates shared by our leaders, the event began with a series of ice-breaker games to get everyone to participate enthusiastically. To make the event merrier, our employees Syama Harini and Vikash Paul hosted a live stand-up comedy show. This served as an opportunity for the performers to exhibit their inherent talents beyond work and earn appreciation from their fellow peers for delivering a splendid performance.

Virtual Kick Off

Being associated with an organization exemplifies trust, commitment, and determination to deliver exceptional results. It is an honor to have a team that has been working towards accomplishing our business goals with their diligent support and contributions. Cenza has been constantly striving to provide our employees a great work environment where everyone feels valued. Proof of our efforts is our employees’ views on the organization. A happiness bubble was an initiative to comprehend their outlook on Cenza, which turned out to be positive and stimulating. The next focus was on walking down memory lane. As video conferencing has become the mode for peer-to-peer communications and team meetings, we have captured some quirky moments over the last year and streamed during the meet to rewind the path we have traversed.

The event then progressed to the key highlight of the Kick-Off that everyone eagerly awaited – Rewards and Recognitions. It is an undeniable fact that every employee contributes to the sustained success of the organization, and some walk the extra mile to facilitate organizational excellence. To rightly recognize them, Cenza has honored them with an award as detailed below:

  • Associate of the Year awarded to Cenza employees for their significant contributions in achieving our business goals
  • Manager of the Year for inspiring and guiding the team to deliver their best
  • The Best Performer during the COVID transition to honor those who provided remarkable support in enabling a seamless transition to the new working model
  • Stalwart Awards for the employees who celebrate their 10, 15, and 20 years work anniversary with Cenza

Team Cenza congratulates every winner. You are indeed a great asset to the organization. Please continue to inspire us with your spellbinding performances.

Cenza Happiness Bubble

We have been living in an extraordinary time, with a hope to see light at the end of the tunnel. However, the transition to the new ways of working and being a relentless contributor needs significant support and mentoring from peers and superiors. To provide Cenza employees an opportunity to thank their fellow peers/managers for being an enabler, we have established a Cenza Wall of Gratitude, which was made visible to everyone during the meet. It was indeed remarkable that several of our employees leveraged this opportunity to thank their peers who made a difference in their career journey.

The meet’s primary objective was to commemorate the individual and organizational accomplishments, but it also served as a platform to meet, greet and interact with fellow employees in the virtual lounge. While it cannot be compared to the meeting in person, this is the best alternative we could take the privilege in these unprecedented times.

The event concluded with everyone wishing the best for the forthcoming year and sharing their hope for things to turn back to normalcy soon.




About the Author: Cenza

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