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AI and Machine Learning Support

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an unstoppable force that is driving change in the business world, including language translation, autonomous vehicles, cancer diagnosis, facial recognition, fraud detection, and automating some legal tasks.  Do we need to say that AI is big, isn’t it obvious?
  • Cenza’s AI and ML solutions can help your firm realize the benefits of cutting edge technology today
  • We provide services for data normalization necessary in advanced machine learning projects
  • Teams with domain expertise in legal, finance and manufacturing to handle data mark-up for ML system training
Cenza has vast expertise in AI annotation training and Human-in-the-loop services for the Legal market. Cenza is certified by leading AI providers such as Kira Systems and Leverton .
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As more and more organizations seek to implement AI technology, they have discovered a few major barriers must be overcome before the promise can effectively be realized.  This is particularly true when it comes to machine learning (ML), where would-be adopters face two Herculean tasks in making ML systems work properly: wrangling data and system training. Cenza helps with both.  By leveraging our ML solutions, your firm can achieve a competitive edge by outsourcing to us the time consuming processes involved with data normalization and system training, thereby streamlining and lowering the cost of adopting cutting edge ML technology. The dirty little secret of machine learning is that it requires huge volumes of data to enable the technology, and two kinds of work need to done with the data in order to make it useful. First, it needs to be cleaned-up and normalized so an ML tool can ingest and make sense of it. That’s a big job. Some experts say this wrangling can account for well over 50% of the total work in an AI project.
The second job is training. For example, one autonomous driving software company has over 2000 people in a low-cost location devoted to the task of marking-up video frame by frame in order to train the ML. Across domains, this sort of intensive mark-up is necessary for ML training, whether it’s being applied in the context of manufacturing, legal, or finance. Training requires significant human time and expertise. Cenza helps you solve both problems. We have years of experience normalizing large data volumes, tagging, annotation and solving complex information management problems. We have invaluable hands-on ML experience and are certified in two of the leading machine-learning systems.  Plus, we can rapidly assemble teams to train systems, whether for easy or hard judgments. We have the benefit of immediate and plentiful access to subject matter experts if we do not already have them on our team. So if your company struggling with the adoption of ML tools and technology, contact Cenza today to find out how we can help make the promise a reality for your firm.

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